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Download election-related polling data from Pollster.

HuffPost Pollster is a
website that tracks public opinion. Pollster's editors enter polling data for
the "Questions" they care about -- questions the public answers in "Polls".

The Pollster website is organized into "Charts" and Pollster-calculated
trendlines (descriptions of how the public felt each day, based on the polls
and public algorithms). Each Chart is based on a single Question.

The Pollster API provides spreadsheets with the raw
polling data that went into those charts: every response to every Question,
at various levels of granularity. These spreadsheets are all in

Basic "Poll", "Question" and "Chart" metadata are available via JSON or
XML requests. If you're using JSON, send the HTTP header,
Accept: application/json to request a JSON response; alternatively, append
.json to each




  • Name: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
  • See License


The security score of an API is computed as the number of OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities detected in the API.

  • OWASP issues detected: API7:2023


The performance score is derived from the median response time of the API, sometimes referred as p50. The median is the value separating the higher half from the lower half of a data sample, here the response times of the API.

  • The median response time of the API is 206 ms .

Get p50 under 220 ms to get a 4/5 score.


The reliability score is derived from the number of inconsistent server responses, either server errors or non-conforming return values.

  • Self compliance: response objects matched the declared response types.
  • Server errors: the server did not return any 5xx error.


The design score reflects the quality of the specification file (usually named openapi.json or swagger.json). Having a high-quality specification file (with up-to-date types and examples) help developers understand the API and tools produce relevant documentation.

  • Respects OpenAPI 2.0 schema specification.
  • Contains comments and summaries.
  • Contains examples.
  • Does not contain duplicated objects.

Popularity 5/5

The popularity score is computed from the number of references to the API found on the internet. Have your API used by many developers to get a higher score!

Last scanned: 5/4/2023